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What is the Ak12 Global Holding Program ?

GLOBAL HOLDING AK12 Is A Breakthrough System To Form A New Demand, With A Strategy To Give A Reward Of 9.9% -12% Of The Number Of Tokens Held, Providing Ease For You As An Ak12 Token Holder To Add The Number Of Tokens Just By Following The GLOBAL HOLDING ... Where the holding contract is only 112 days after the contract expires, the holding value will be received 100% in the form of ak12token.

This is one of the best opportunities for those of you who want to get the results of the income incentives with the holding program.

We know that the supply of ak12 only 3,000,012 ak12 will provide the value of your ak12 assets because now ak12 has proven to its community that ak12 has been listed in 3 large markets Latoken p2pb2b and one of the major markets in asia my account. Com that has been registered at bappebti with very high volume at you will find it easier to buy ak12 by using IDR In addition.

This ak12 holding program has been of interest to investors and to the community that we received data from before the program was launched



Feature global holding ak12

AK12 smart marketing platform is a smart platform that has many revolutionary features in helping the development of digital advertising, which makes it easier for business builders to expand their business through online advertising

This plartform is designed with simple features but has a rapid impact on advertising patterns and tends to minimize advertising costs, even being able to reduce the cost of zero-cost advertising

With the power of the community and social media engagement system on our platform we will realize ideal and effective advertising costs.

Here are some of the features available on our platform;

AK12 will become the Smart Mediasocial Influencer Marketing platform that is controlled with Blockchain technology solutions.
The AK12 platform fully automates all steps of interaction with influencers to save a lot of time and effort for advertisers.
This platform will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to place ads indefinitely on the number of influencer channels without having to worry about proper execution.
Advertising will be easy to run, and will encourage community development and increase ad audience and capacity.

To create demand

With the existence of the ak12 global holding program it will be able to create demand because of its easy simple work patterns and system that provides benefits to the community who participate in contributing to the ak12 global holding program.

With this very minimal supply of AK12, it will have a very positive impact on the community of AK12 and accelerate quickly with very significant growth from the enthusiasm of this program. We have received a lot of positive aura from the middle class because the AK12 holding starts from 10 AK12 which can touch the community medium participated in the global holding program ak12.

And investors and leaders who have very many communities also want to contribute with this program.

this is one of the points for us with its global holding program ak12 will bring a very positive impact and significant growth in the ak12 community.

And currently ak12 has been present in three markets, two of which are global markets namely in Latoken and in p2pb2b and the third ak12 market is currently at where my account is .com is one of the largest in Asia that has been registered with Bapebti .
This global holding program is a support program of one of Ak12's vision and mission with the aim of creating demand and introducing children products of the nation's children both domestically and abroad


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